Installation of Webmin on Ubuntu server

Instalace Webmin na Ubuntu server

Webmin is a web application designed for server management and configuration. It provides users with a user-friendly graphical interface, allowing them to manage their server even with minimal technical knowledge. Webmin runs on a specific port (typically port 10000) and can be accessed via a web browser from any device connected to the network. Alternatively, … Read more

Installation of Forpsi backup agent Commvault on Linux server

Instalace Forpsi backup agenta Commvault na Linux server

If you operate your services or website on your own VPS, you have surely dealt with data backup multiple times. At the very least, backing up data on FTP and MySQL database. Personally, I back up data on the server using Forpsi Cloud Backup and Evault technology. However, there is also another backup technology called … Read more

How to set up a firewall on Ubuntu

Jak nastavit firewall na Ubuntu

One of the fundamental elements of server security is a firewall. Specifically on Ubuntu, the firewall is implemented as UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall). Knowing how to set up a firewall on Ubuntu is crucial for server security and the proper functioning of services. UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) is a software tool for managing the firewall on the … Read more

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