How can you easily clear the DNS cache?

Jak můžete vymazat mezipaměť DNS?

The DNS cache, also known as DNS cache, is a critical component of internet infrastructure. It stores recent queries to any DNS servers, significantly speeding up the loading of web pages on your computer. When a user enters a web address into a browser, the device first asks a DNS server for the corresponding IP address. The DNS cache comes into play when the computer receives this response. Instead of repeatedly querying remote servers, it saves this response to memory. This speeds up webpage loading as it eliminates the time-consuming search for IP addresses. However, … Read more

Set Up An SPF Record In One Minute With Forpsi

Nastavte si SPF záznam na DNS Forpsi

I have already written about how important it is to set up an SPF record for your domain. And because Forpsi have a large number of users for domains, both in the Czech Republic and abroad, let’s take a look at how to specifically set up an SPF record directly in the Forpsi administration. So if you also have DNS or web hosting with this company, you can set up an SPF record on Forpsi DNS using a few simple steps. You can find older articles on the topic of SPF here if needed: Make … Read more

Make Your Email Security Stronger With Google SPF Politics

Co je to SPF záznam a proč jej Google vyžaduje? Hlavní obrázek ke článku na toto téma.

In today’s world, email communication is an essential part of our daily lives. Every day, we send and receive dozens, if not hundreds, of emails, and it is crucial to ensure that our messages are safely delivered into the right hands. So now you can make your email security stronger with Google SPF politics. One of the tools that can help us in this regard is an SPF record. It not only helps us combat spam but also provides protection against email spoofing in certain cases. If you are curious about what an SPF record … Read more

How to fix SPF and DKIM error on G-mail

Při odeslání mailu na Gmail se vrací chyba SPF a DKIM

A few months ago, Google adjusted its spam policy, which means that emails that were previously fine may no longer pass. If there is a problem with the SPF and DKIM record, a mailer daemon will return the sent email. The reason is simple: when sending an email to Gmail, the SPF and DKIM error occurs due to missing DNS records for the domain. What can be done about it? Let’s take a look today, how to fix SPF and DKIM error on G-mail. How to fix SPF and DKIM error on G-mail SPF (Sender … Read more

How to set up SSL for WordPress with Cloudflare DNS

Jak nastavit SSL u webu na WordPressu a používání služby Clouflare

If you have web hosting set up with any web hosting provider but also use DNS servers and services from CloudFlare, sooner or later you will probably need to address how to set up HTTPS traffic on your website. CloudFlare offers several available options that we will look at today. Not all of them can be used all the time, and not all of them work without assistance with WordPress. So we will thoroughly discuss how to set up SSL for WordPress with Cloudflare DNS. What does Cloudflare do? Cloudflare is a company that provides … Read more

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