Why can an electric scooter catch fire?

Proč může elektrická koloběžka hořet?

Electric scooters have become a massive phenomenon lately. Some adore them, while others despise them, and over time, the government is tightening its grip with mandatory insurance and other restrictions. When something as controversial as electric scooters arises, you can expect the media to give it enough space to provoke heated discussions. That’s just how … Read more

Kugoo G-booster review

Recenze na Kugoo G-Booster

Last year, I bought the Kugoo G-Booster scooter as a reasonable alternative in terms of price-performance ratio. It was, and still is, a very interesting product in the field of electric scooters. For the current price of around 27,000 CZK, you can get a very good range, speed, and performance. So if you’re also interested … Read more

Important accessories for Kugoo G-Booster

kugoo g-booster

Since I’ve already covered several hundred kilometers on my Kugoo G-Booster electric scooter, I can confidently say that it not only rides very fast, but also comfortably, especially in the city. The scooter can sometimes even be faster than a car in regular city traffic. Plus, with a range of 25 to 50 km (depending … Read more

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