Shooting At FFUK: Firearms License – Facts And Myths

Střelba na FFUK: zbrojní průkaz - fakta a mýty

December 21, 2023, engraved itself in the history of the Czech Republic. Following the shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, 15 lives, including the perpetrator who likely committed suicide, were tragically and senselessly lost. This incident sparked a warranted debate online about the firearm legislation in the Czech Republic and how a … Read more

Moral Dilemmas Of A.I. That Are Better To Discuss

Morální dilemata umělé inteligence

We have entered a time when the development of artificial intelligence is still in its early stages, yet we already see this technology practically in every aspect of our lives. From automobiles and mobile phones to personalized advertisements and the replacement of human labor with machines. As a result, there are quite a few moral … Read more

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