Internal and external motivation in the context of school

Vnitřní a vnější motivace v kontextu školy

Since I have already written here about education and verbal feedback instead of traditional grades, I can’t resist continuing. This time, the topic is internal and external motivation that schools work with, particularly focusing on external motivation in this context. Internal and external motivation in the context of school is a rather complex topic, and … Read more

Prospect Theory or Let’s Teach People to Walk

Prospektová teorie aneb naučme lidi chodit

Prospect theory examines human decision-making under conditions of risk and uncertainty. This behavioral theory focuses on how people perceive and evaluate different options and make decisions based on these perceptions. The headline “Prospect theory, or let’s teach people to walk” might seem humorous, but it is not. According to prospect theory, people do not solely … Read more

The psychology of money

Psychologie peněz

People handle money and think about it in various ways. However, upon closer examination of people’s behavior in certain situations, interesting phenomena arise that cannot always be rationally explained. Despite encountering situations that are paradoxically disadvantageous, people tend to lean towards them rather than situations that have positive outcomes. Let’s take a look at a … Read more

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