Shooting At FFUK: Firearms License – Facts And Myths

Střelba na FFUK: zbrojní průkaz - fakta a mýty

December 21, 2023, engraved itself in the history of the Czech Republic. Following the shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy at Charles University, 15 lives, including the perpetrator who likely committed suicide, were tragically and senselessly lost. This incident sparked a warranted debate online about the firearm legislation in the Czech Republic and how a shooter could possess legal firearms and a firearms license. These discussions are riddled with errors, falsehoods, and myths from individuals who have never read the firearm laws. What about the firearms license? What are the facts and myths? There are … Read more

Can parents accompany their children to the school building?

Mohou rodiče doprovázet děti do školní budovy?

The question that perhaps many parents have asked. At the same time, it’s a question to which practically no one knows a completely clear answer. If you ask lawyers, they have a fairly clear view of it. The situation is entirely similar to that in a hospital, where as a parent, you have the right to be with your child continuously. Minister Válek even issued guidelines on this topic. Their responses are searchable across the internet and are quite clear. Yes, parents have the right to be with their child at school. After all, the … Read more

Moral Dilemmas Of A.I. That Are Better To Discuss

Morální dilemata umělé inteligence

We have entered a time when the development of artificial intelligence is still in its early stages, yet we already see this technology practically in every aspect of our lives. From automobiles and mobile phones to personalized advertisements and the replacement of human labor with machines. As a result, there are quite a few moral dilemmas of A.I. that are better to discuss. Let’s take a look at some of the thought-provoking ones. Moral Dilemmas Of A.I. That Are Better To Discuss: autonomous driving In the field of autonomous vehicles, one of the most complex … Read more

Motorcycle as an effective antidepressant

Motorka jako účinné antidepresivum

I have always been drawn to one track since I was little. Motorcycles, the smell of gasoline, and freedom. However, I never had the courage to get a driver’s license. I loved cars, but motorcycles fascinated me. As a little boy, I would turn around and wave at everyone who passed by me. Well, it took “only” 30 years for me to come to the conclusion that it was the right time to get my driver’s license and buy one myself. And now, it has been 9 years since I started riding. And you know … Read more

Why did I start writing a blog (again)?

Proč jsem začal psát blog (zase)?

It’s evening, quite late already, and the laptop monitor is glowing on the table, next to a finished cup of tea. For the past few evenings, I’ve had a text editor open on my laptop, writing a technical article for my blog. Some text revisions, finding an interesting thumbnail image from an image bank, and I can start publishing the article on the website. I’m already far beyond the 700-article mark. So why exactly am I doing this? Why did I start writing a blog (again)? Why did I start writing a blog (again)? Because … Read more

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