4 Best And Premium Plugins For Better WordPress (2024)

Top prémiové pluginy pro WordPress

WordPress is a great content management system that can be scaled according to your needs. Many plugins are free and allow you to greatly extend your system with features that WordPress natively does not have. However, there are also premium plugins that you need to pay for. Payment can be one-time, or the plugin may … Read more

How to easily mitigate a brute force attack on WordPress

Jak ztížit brute force útok do WordPressu

WordPress is a system currently used by approximately 40% of websites worldwide. Due to its widespread use, it is also a relatively common target for hackers seeking to access your data or simply damage your website. A brute force attack is a technique where a hacker tries usernames and passwords repeatedly until they find the … Read more

How To Easily Create A Contact Form With Multiple Recipients

Potřebujete na WordPressu vytvořit kontaktní formulář s více příjemci? V tomto článku Vám ukáži, jak to můžete jednoduše provést pomocí pluginu WPForms.

Do you need to create a contact or other form on your WordPress site that must have multiple recipients? Typically, you might want, for example, a contact form to go to the website owner while also reaching customer support. You can achieve this using a simple trick within the WPForms plugin. In this article, I’ll … Read more

How Easily fix the error of the AIO SEO in the Vue.php

Jak opravit chybu pluginu AIO SEO v souboru Vue.php

About a week ago, I migrated the website from the Yoast SEO plugin to the paid plugin All In One SEO (AIO SEO). After some time working on the website, I noticed a significant increase in the Apache web server’s error log. Unfortunately, AIO SEO kept generating a PHP error that was being logged, causing … Read more

How to create a mega menu easily with Elementor

Jak snadno vytvoříte mega menu pomocí Elementoru

If you’re dealing with designing your own website, you probably already know that the website menu will be crucial for your visitors. It’s the main guide through which they can navigate the site. The trend in today’s websites is replacing traditional and outdated menus with a new method called a mega menu. As the name … Read more

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