How to easily fix the Wordfence plugin error

Kritická chyba pluginu Wordfence po změně serveru

Are you using the Wordfence security plugin on your website and have you migrated your WordPress to a different server? If you answered yes to both questions, it is highly likely that you have encountered or will encounter a critical PHP error for the “wordfence-waf.php” file. Below, we will discuss how such a critical Wordfence … Read more

How to keep your WordPress data safe: best backup plugin

Chraňte svá data a zálohujte si WordPress

Anyone who has ever created websites would probably agree with me that even a small website can take many hours of work. Especially when the “developer” is a perfectionist and wants to play around with every little detail. In such cases, the data on FTP and in MySQL become even more valuable. You simply don’t … Read more

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