Who I am

Jiří Vaněk

I have been revolving around IT technologies for almost 17 years now. Especially those that connect the traditional and online world. I find these technologies interesting from both the perspective of a person responsible for them and that of an ordinary user. In my personal life, I love adrenaline. I enjoy motorcycles, cars, firearms, but also electric mobility. I love books, but I also enjoy writing. And when I have time, I write here. Both technical stuff and personal stuff.

What I can do
I am actively skilled in handling and solving technical issues with the currently most used content management systems for web hosting and e-commerce solutions. I am also familiar with creating websites on WordPress platforms using modern tools such as Elementor. Additionally, I am interested in security solutions and the risks associated with these content management systems.
What I offer

My strengths include independence, a proactive approach to problem-solving, a commitment to lifelong learning in both technical and non-technical fields, time flexibility, and communication with customers in written and spoken forms, including the English language. I have both technical and team-oriented thinking. In life, I follow the rule of “don’t say why it can’t be done, but find a way to do it.

My experience

I have over 16 years of experience in data center operations and 24/7 monitoring as an administrator, as well as extensive experience in customer support operations. I also have knowledge in the field of domain registration, management, and related DNS management. Therefore, nothing related to the online world is unfamiliar to me.

Why did I start a bloging?

blog Jiří Vaněk

In 2008, about two years after I started working, I once started a blog just for fun. Within a year and a half, my website had almost 900 articles and around 1500 daily visitors. Yes, it was easy back then. Nowadays, not so much. The competition is much greater. However, even though I eventually had to cancel the original blog due to lack of time, I always thought that I would come back to it someday. And maybe that time has come. So that’s why. That’s why I started version 2.0 of my blog.

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