Certified courses worth tens of Euros completely for free

kurzy v hodnotě desítek Eur zdarma

Are you looking for ways to advance your career from home in the evenings? Perhaps you’re searching for courses that interest you, offering the chance to gain new knowledge? This is where the portal https://udemy.com comes in, offering such courses. While the courses are certified, unfortunately, they are paid for some. And the prices aren’t … Read more

Chat GPT was able to generate license keys for Windows 10

Chat GPT dokázal generovat licenční klíče k Windows 10

Chat GPT is capable of many things, and it all depends on how skillfully you write your prompt to avoid security blocks. Recently, a user named @immasiddtweets shared on their Twitter a method by which they easily managed to get Chat GPT to generate license keys for Windows 10 PRO. They asked Chat GPT to … Read more

How can you try Chat GPT 4 on your mobile?

Jak jsem zkusil s ChatGPT napsat povídku

Curious about how the new version of Chat GPT 4 works? Now you have the opportunity to try it out for free. This highly utilized artificial intelligence from OpenAI has been tested by many. While the free version 3.5 is available for everyone, OpenAI and Microsoft recently released a new version, numbered 4. So take … Read more

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