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User roles in WordPress

User roles in Wordpress

WordPress offers six pre-defined user roles that define the access level and permissions for different users who manage or contribute to a WordPress website. Here are the six default user roles in WordPress, listed in order of increasing level of access: Subscriber: This is the most basic user role in WordPress. Subscribers can only read … Read more

WordPress database schema – what tables does WordPress use?

WordPress database schema - what tables does WordPress use?

A fresh installation of WordPress creates a number of tables in a MySQL database. The specific table names may vary slightly depending on the prefix used during the installation process, but the default prefix is “wp_”. Here are the default tables created in a new WordPress installation: wp_commentmeta wp_comments wp_links wp_options wp_postmeta wp_posts wp_terms wp_term_relationships … Read more

10 tips to start optimizing WordPress website for speed

Wordpress speed

In today’s fast-paced digital world, website speed is becoming increasingly important. Visitors expect fast-loading pages, and search engines like Google use website speed as a ranking factor. In this article, we will look at 10 tips to start optimizing WordPress website for speed. 10 tips to start optimizing WordPress website for speed Use a Content … Read more

How do you change your browser’s background color on a mobile device


You may have encountered this somewhere before, browsing the web on your mobile phone. For some sites, the browser has changed color to make its appearance fit into the overall contrast of the entire site. Make sure the browser has the same color tone as the site’s overall graphics. And maybe one of you thought … Read more

How to enable web content searching and indexing on WordPress

Jak povolit prohledávání a indexování obsahu webu Na WordPressu

When you install WordPress, in its last section there is a checkbox with a setting that defines the indexation of the web. It’s a setting that determines whether you want to index the web using search robots or not. Searching and indexing the web  Before you change the settings, take a look on situations, when … Read more

How to change the font size of the Feed Them Social Twitter plugin

How to change the font size of the Feed Them Social Twitter plugin

If you are using Feed Them Social plugin for WordPress to display your Twitter feed, then you may have encountered a very small font problem when displaying the widget on the website. When viewed on the Web, the widget may look like this: If you edit the CSS code directly in the plugin, this patch … Read more

How to make rounded corners at GeneratePress WordPress template


If you’re using Generatepress template, you’ve certainly noticed a design with square corners. Square corners are in the post block, pages and in the comments are. There is a simple way to adjust the design to rounded corners. All you will need are the CSS codes below to edit the template.  How to edit a … Read more

How to schedule the publication of an article in WordPress


Surely this situation has already happened to you. You own a blog or web with regular content, and you need to post written content the moment you’re unable to be on your computer. WordPress includes a feature for these situations where you can set the exact date of publication for an article. So if you’re … Read more

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