How to load Google fonts faster in WordPress

Jak rychleji načítat Google fonty ve WordPressu

Most WordPress templates available today use fonts from Google. It’s great because you have the option to customize your website’s text to your liking. However, there is one significant drawback. The fonts are not stored locally on your web hosting, and they are remotely downloaded from Google servers. If you have ever measured your website’s … Read more

WordPress fatal memory error after upgrading to version 6.2.

Vyčerpání paměti u WordPressu po přechodu na verzi 6.2

After the release of the WordPress update to version 6.2, users across the internet are still reporting website crashes. Typically, these crashes result in a critical error message indicating a memory limit has been exceeded. Once this occurs, the website becomes completely non-functional, and it’s impossible to access the WordPress administration panel. Given the large … Read more

How to disable automatic updates in WordPress

Jak ve WordPressu zakázat automatické aktualizace

As a website owner, you should never underestimate the security of your WordPress site. Automatic updates are one of the steps that help keep your CMS secure. Not only do you minimize the risk of security vulnerabilities, but you also gain new features that come with updates. However, despite this undeniable fact, there may be … Read more

WordPress 6.2 and a fatal error: allowed memory size.

WordPress 6.2 a fatal error: allowed memory size.

The popular and widely used content management system WordPress received a major update to version 6.2 this week. And as with any major WordPress update, there have been quite a few issues. Well, to be precise, not with everyone. What I generally noticed is that the most problems occurred with memory exhaustion on shared hosting, … Read more

How to add a website icon in WordPress

Jak u WordPressu přidat ikonu webu (favicon)

A website icon, also known as a favicon, is a small image that is typically displayed either in the browser tab or in bookmarks. It is an icon that personalizes the website and distinguishes it from others at first glance. Thanks to this icon, your users can easily identify your website among many open tabs … Read more

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