Phishing Attacks Targeting Owners of PrestaShop Websites

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According to the official newsletter from, phishing attacks are currently targeting owners of PrestaShop websites. Specifically those built on their CMS. The phishing sites attempt to mimic their main website.  Also it is likely that attackers will attempt to obtain sensitive information from the owners of these sites. If you have an online store built on PrestaShop’s CMS, it is important to be vigilant, particularly with regards to any received emails that appear to be from their official website. Always verify the sender’s address and carefully inspect any potential links before clicking on them. … Read more

Unable to log in to PrestaShop administration (version

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Did you install the PrestaShop and you are unable to log in to PrestaShop administration? After installing PrestaShop on a webserver where the PHP version is lower than 7.4, you may have a problem with logging into administration (backend). After entering the login (email address) and password, PrestaShop will remain in the log screen position, where the data entry field will only disappear. Unable to log in to PrestaShop administration How can I solve the problem: Contact your webhosting provider and ask him to set up a higher version of PHP. For example, version 7.4. … Read more

“It looks like we have trouble connecting to Addons. Please refresh the page or check your firewall configuration.”

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Occasionally, after installing PrestaShop, you may find a catalogue of templates unavailable. If you click on “Extensions -> Appearance -> Template Catalog” in the menu, you will see only the error message: It looks like we have trouble connecting to Addons. Please refresh the page or check your firewall configuration. What is PrestaShop? PrestaShop is a popular open-source e-commerce platform used by businesses of all sizes to build and manage their online stores. With a user-friendly interface and robust features, PrestaShop provides a comprehensive solution for merchants to sell their products and services online. PrestaShop … Read more

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