Dictionaries for the Onyx Boox e-reader

Překladové slovníky do čtečky Onyx Boox

Do you own an Onyx Boox e-reader and need dictionaries for text translations? Previously, these were commonly available online, but most recently disappeared from the internet and are no longer downloadable. However, I’ve managed to gather a total of 53 translation dictionaries for these and other e-readers. You now have access to these dictionaries for the Onyx Boox e-reader entirely for free in the table below. Translation dictionaries for the Onyx Boox e-reader Instructions on how to apply the dictionary to your e-reader can be found here: How to Add a New Dictionary to the … Read more

How to activate Google Play on Onyx Boox e-readers

Jak aktivujete Google Play na čtečkách Onyx Boox

All Onyx Boox e-readers are built on the Google Android platform. And, like any Android device, these e-readers allow you to use the Google Play app store. Thanks to this, you can expand your e-reader with many interesting applications, which make perfect sense in combination with Wi-Fi connectivity. For instance, I use a news app on my e-reader, which always displays the most-read newspapers on the internet. This allows me to get information about the world from the comfort of an e-reader without needing to take out my mobile, tablet, or computer. In this article, … Read more

How to set the shutdown image and screensaver on an Onyx Boox

Jak nastavit vypínací obrázek a spořič u Onyx Boox

The Onyx Boox series of e-readers are excellent. They serve me not only as a device for taking handwritten notes, ideas, and observations. They also function as a digital journal and e-reader. It’s a well-designed and technically capable device. It’s suitable for anyone who enjoys reading and taking notes but doesn’t want to carry everything in a paper format. Devices like the Onyx Boox or Remarkable can combine these functions into a single, very slim device. This device also boasts a relatively long battery life. I’d like to take a look at how to set … Read more

How to add a new dictionary to Onyx Boox e-reader?

Onyx Boox Logo

If you’re a regular reader of foreign language books and use any Onyx Boox e-reader, you might be interested in learning how to add a new dictionary to Onyx Boox e-reader?. Onyx Boox e-readers offer the ability to add custom dictionaries that may not come pre-installed. This feature can be particularly helpful when you come across unfamiliar words or phrases while reading, allowing you to easily translate them on the go. How to add a new dictionary to Onyx Boox e-reader? First, you will need to download the desired dictionary. You can download dictionaries for … Read more

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