The database of free images –

Databáze obrázků zdarma

If you are creating a website or writing a blog, you certainly know the situation when you need to find graphic materials. It doesn’t matter whether it’s icons for the menu, feature images for articles, or anything else. If you download images that are publicly available through, for example, Google search, they are subject to … Read more

How to remove WordPress version from source code

Jak odstranit verzi WordPressu ze zdrojového kódu

You can easily find out what version of WordPress your website is using from the page’s source code. To do this, right-click on the page in your browser and select “View page source.” You can then easily locate the line that shows the public version of WordPress, which is the line that reads <meta name=”generator” … Read more

How to disable Gravatars in WordPress

How to disable Gravatars in WordPress

Gravatar is a third-party service that allows WordPress to display small profile images, for example, in comments. However, because it is a third-party service that is not loaded locally from the website server, this service can slow down system responses. This is particularly noticeable on a website with a large number of comments under articles. … Read more

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