What is cache and why use it in WordPress

Co je to cache a proč ji ve WordPressu používat

WordPress has become a very popular content management system in the last two years. For many people, it has become a starting point for entering the world of web development. However, this system is constantly evolving, and what defines it better than anything else is the fact that its requirements for size and memory are … Read more

How to add interactive email and phone to WordPress menu?

Jak do menu WordPressu vložit interaktivní e-mail a telefon?

Regarding working with email address and phone number in WordPress, I’ve already written about it. You can find the specific articles here: (how to work with email address and how to edit phone number). Both of these pieces of information can be inserted interactively on your website, making it easier for your site’s users to … Read more

How to insert a phone number in WordPress

Jak vkládat do WordPressu telefonní číslo

In the previous article, I wrote about how you can insert an email address into your WordPress text as a clickable link. This way, you can make it easier for your visitors to interact with you and simplify their experience on your website. You can find that article here: Clickable Email in WordPress. Today, let’s … Read more

How to change the default article category in WordPress

Jak změnit výchozí rubriku článku ve WordPressu

Once you add a new article to WordPress, it will automatically be assigned default settings. One of these default settings is the article category, which is set to “Uncategorized” by default. If you don’t assign a different category, the concept will be saved under this category automatically and manually, which can be inconvenient if you … Read more

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