Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance

Web je dočasně nedostupný kvůli plánované údržbě

When updating the core of WordPress or its plugins or theme, an informational message appears on the website. WordPress uses this message to prevent users from accessing the website during the update process, as this could lead to unwanted actions that could negatively affect the result of the update. However, if you use shared hosting … Read more

How to add a website icon in WordPress

Jak u WordPressu přidat ikonu webu (favicon)

A website icon, also known as a favicon, is a small image that is typically displayed either in the browser tab or in bookmarks. It is an icon that personalizes the website and distinguishes it from others at first glance. Thanks to this icon, your users can easily identify your website among many open tabs … Read more

The installation of plugins in WordPress

Instalace pluginů ve WordPressu

Plugins are an integral part of the content management system. They allow you to expand the basic functionality and settings of your website, which can greatly simplify your work. These can include add-ons for galleries, SEO, security, and many others. Installing plugins in WordPress is also very easy and can be done by anyone. So … Read more

How to sticky a post on a WordPress blog

Jak zvýraznit příspěvek na WordPress blogu

Within a blog built on the WordPress content management system, you can choose to prioritize certain posts after a certain period of time. This means that you may want to highlight one or more posts above others. You can ensure that they are always visible on the first page when visitors access your website. WordPress … Read more

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