How to disable RSS in WordPress with the code

Jak ve WordPressu zakázat RSS feed pomocí kódu

Perhaps you have also wondered how to disable RSS feed in WordPress with the code, as you may not want to use a plugin for everything. Or maybe you’re just wondering if disabling RSS feed makes any sense. The WordPress functionality called RSS feed is mainly used on websites that regularly add new content at certain intervals. We are talking mainly about blogs, where you upload new content with a certain regularity. RSS feed has one purpose. To make it easier for users to find new content on their favorite websites. Let me give you … Read more

How to disable emojis in WordPress

Jak ve WordPressu vypnout emotikony

Emojis were first introduced in WordPress version 4.2. They are small images designed to convey the writer’s current emotions in a post. Sadness, joy, happiness, or tears… However, by displaying emojis, WordPress unnecessarily loads additional CSS styles and JavaScripts. Therefore, for a website where there is no need for this functionality, we can easily turn off emojis and save time in loading the website. Emojis can be disabled just like almost anything in WordPress using a plugin. But it can also be done without one. And since I don’t like using plugins to solve any … Read more

Script for file upload in PHP and CHMOD to 755

příklady skriptů

Sometimes, it is necessary to use a simple form to upload files to the FTP of your website. Here is a complete script for file upload in PHP using the chmod function to change permissions to 755 and with a form for selecting the file (you can adjust the permissions using chmod in the script to your own desired ones). Keep in mind that the maximum file size is governed by the limit set in the php.ini file of the website. Therefore, you will likely be limited by the file size, especially if you are … Read more

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