Sorry You are not Allowed to Upload this File Type

Jak můžu ve WordPressu nahrát nepovolený typ souboru?

Are you using the WordPress content management system on your website? You probably know that for enhanced security reasons, it only allows uploading certain file types. These typically include files commonly used in computer work, such as images, documents, or videos. Unfortunately, any other less typical file formats are prohibited by default in WordPress and … Read more

Staging a website on WordPress, or how to safely test websites

Staging webu na WordPressu aneb jak bezpečně testovat weby

If you manage web hosting on the popular WordPress platform, then you’re probably familiar with the following situation like the back of your hand. You have a live version of the website that receives dozens, maybe hundreds, of visitors every day. You need to implement a new feature on the website, but you’re afraid that … Read more

Object caching in WordPress using Redis server

Objektová cache WordPressu pomocí Redis serveru

If you manage a WordPress website and have looked at the “Site Health” section (Tools -> Site Health), you might have noticed that WordPress encourages you to use object caching. The specific recommendation is to use a persistent object cache. Object caching in WordPress can be achieved either using Redis server, as I have mentioned … Read more

How to disable file editing in WordPress administration

Jak zakázat editaci souborů v administraci WordPressu

WordPress includes an internal editor for theme template files, which allows logged-in users to manually manipulate the source code. This gives you the ability to modify the functions and behavior of the theme template, which can be convenient on one hand, but a security risk on the other. In my opinion, it’s definitely better to … Read more

The installation of plugins in WordPress

Instalace pluginů ve WordPressu

Plugins are an integral part of the content management system. They allow you to expand the basic functionality and settings of your website, which can greatly simplify your work. These can include add-ons for galleries, SEO, security, and many others. Installing plugins in WordPress is also very easy and can be done by anyone. So … Read more

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