How You Can Easily Recognize Social Media Phishing

Kybernetické útoky na sociálních sítích

In the 21st century, people seamlessly transitioned into the online world, where a significant portion of our communication now takes place. Attackers adapted to this shift as well. Every day, new and more sophisticated attack methods emerge. Prevention is key. You should be vigilant and aware of the potential threats that might encounter or jeopardize you on the internet. That’s why today, we’ll talk about how you can easily recognize social media phishing, which might be even more perilous than email phishing because it’s much harder to detect. How You Can Easily Recognize Social Media … Read more

6 Major Security Issues Of WordPress You Need To Know

6 největších bezpečnostních problémů WordPressu

WordPress is currently an extremely popular content management system. It could be said that it is likely the most widely used web creation tool across the entire internet. And when a system is used by a large mass of people, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a major target for digital attackers. Let’s take a look at the 6 major security issues of WordPress that you should be very careful about. 6 Major Security Issues of WordPress Brute Force Attacks Brute force attacks, also known as brute force assaults, are a common … Read more

Does the EU’s proposal in the form of CSAM entail a loss of privacy for your data?

Přináší návrh EU v podobě CSAM ztrátu soukromí Vašich dat?

You might have recently noticed reports that the European Commission is pushing for the enactment of a regulation referred to as CSAM. It’s an abbreviation for Child Sexual Abuse Material. This regulation is intended to restrict and more severely punish the trade in child pornography and related materials. However, is it really that straightforward, or does the EU’s proposal in the form of CSAM entail a loss of privacy for your data? From my perspective, as I gradually learn more about CSAM, I would now liken this regulation more to Orwell and his novel 1984. … Read more

How to best set up an Android phone for children

Jak nejlépe nastavit Android telefon pro děti

As a parent, you may be faced with the question of whether your child is at an age when they can or for some reason need a mobile phone. At the very least, you might need to be able to call them in case of an emergency, or for them to contact you. Since these moments are typically handled during a time when you must protect your children from the dangers of both the virtual and real world, let’s take a look at how to best set up an Android phone for kids. Specifically, for … Read more

The Risks of Text and Image Fusion Using GPT-4V(ision)

Rizika spojení textu a obrazu pomocí GPT-4V(ision)

OpenAI, the organization behind the revolutionary ChatGPT, has taken another significant step in the field of artificial intelligence. This involves the fusion of text and image, which they designed to understand and generate visual content. However, what are the risks of text and image using GPT-4V(ision)? As is common with every technological advancement, this one comes with its set of challenges. A recent article by Simon Willison highlights one such concern, and that is attacks exploiting input prompts. The Risks of Text and Image Fusion Using GPT-4V(ision) GPT-4V(ision), also known as GPT-4V, is a multimodal … Read more

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