Do You Know Smishing And Scams Through SMS Messages

Smishing a podvody pomocí SMS zpráv

Do you know smishing and scams through SMS messages? Smishing, a combination of “SMS” and “phishing,” is another dangerous form of fraud that mobile phone users should be very careful about. This trick, becoming increasingly common, targets your trust and sensitive information. It can have serious consequences if you become its victim. Let’s take a closer look at the topic of smishing and scams through SMS messages. The more fraudulent techniques in the current online world you are familiar with, the better. Smishing and scams through SMS messages Smishing works like this: attackers send fraudulent … Read more

How You Can Easily Recognize Spamvertised Page

Co je to spamvertised stránka

Email correspondence is a common way of communication in today’s world. Unlike traditional mail, it is fast and efficient. Unfortunately, in the online world, there are individuals who attempt to abuse this medium to spread spam. Among spam, you will often find links to so-called “spamvertised pages.” How you can easily recognize spamvertised page will be explained below in the article. How You Can Easily Recognize Spamvertised Page A spamvertised page is a web page that is promoted through unsolicited and illegitimate emails (spam). The content of such emails tries to lure target users into … Read more

How To Avoid Dangerous Scams And Phishing

Jak se vyvarovat nebezpečným podvodům a phishingu

In today’s world, where the internet penetrates every aspect of our lives, it is important to be cautious when using online services. One of the most common threats we can face is called phishing. In this article, we will look at how to avoid dangerous scams and phishing. We will also analyze what phishing is, how to recognize it, and how it is part of social engineering. How to Avoid Dangerous Scams and Phishing Phishing is a method of fraud in which attackers impersonate trustworthy individuals or organizations (such as banks, email providers, authorities like … Read more

Social Engineering In The Context Of Cybersecurity

Sociální inženýrství v kontextu kybernetické bezpečnosti

Social engineering is a complex term that refers to dangerous practices used by some individuals in the IT field. It is aimed at gaining unauthorized access to valuable information. Although it may seem like something out of an action movie, social engineering is a real threat that can jeopardize both your personal security and the security of your data. Let’s take a closer look at what social engineering means in the context of cybersecurity, as it is a very interesting concept. Social Engineering in the Context of Cybersecurity Let’s illustrate it with an example that … Read more

What Is The Attack Called Man In The Middle?

Co je to útok zvaný Man in the Middle

You might have heard of various types of cyber attacks, but what is the attack called Man in the Middle? It is a cunning type of attack that can jeopardize your security and privacy in the online world. Security experts often refer to this attack as one of the most dangerous and well-hidden ones. Let’s take a close look at it. Imagine you are online, communicating with your bank account, social media, or shopping on an online store. You expect that your data is secure, and no one else but you and the server you … Read more

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