How To Easily Set Up Microsoft OneNote In Ubuntu?

Jak v Ubuntu zprovoznit Microsoft OneNote

I use two operating systems on my personal notebook as a dual-boot solution. Specifically, I use Microsoft Windows 11 for entertainment and content consumption, along with Ubuntu 22.04 for work. On all my devices, including both work and personal computers, as well as my mobile phone, I use Microsoft’s OneNote for note-taking. This is because I can conveniently synchronize all my notebooks and their content across all devices. Since OneNote is not natively included in Ubuntu, I looked for a way to set up Microsoft OneNote in Ubuntu. In the end, it turned out to … Read more

Easy Activation Of SSL On Ubuntu Using Certbot

Aktivace SSL certifikátu na Ubuntu pomocí Certbot

If you operate web hosting like me on your own server, the first thing that should concern you is its security. And I’m not just talking about server security but also about the security of the website running on that server. One crucial element in today’s context is an SSL certificate. By using an SSL certificate, you encrypt the data exchanged between your server and the user’s computer visiting your website. This guide will show you easy activation of SSL on Ubuntu using Certbot. Thanks to Certbot’s functionality, the installation and setup of the certificate … Read more

Make Easy Email Server Statistics With A Simple Script

Vytvořte si automatické e-mailové statistiky o stavu serveru

If you manage a Linux server, in my case specifically Ubuntu, you might find it useful to have at least a basic overview of the server’s status. With a simple bash script, a few tools, and SSMTP, you can create automatically sent statistics about the server’s status. So, if you are interested in the server’s status, go ahead and create automated email statistics about the server’s status as well. After all, it’s really not difficult at all. So try to make easy email server statistics with a simple script with me, step by step. Make … Read more

MySQL backup on Linux – How to easily automate it?

Automatické zálohování MySQL na Linuxu

If you manage a Linux server that also runs MySQL databases, you might have wondered how to efficiently back up your database(s). Let’s take a look at automatic MySQL backup on Linux using commands and the CRON scheduler. This will allow us to create a schedule for automatic MySQL backups every night, saving them to SQL files, while also deleting backups older than 30 days. The result will be that a local backup of the database(s) will be created on the server, with backups available for up to one month. It’s important to note that … Read more

What is SSH or secure computer interconnection

Co je to SSH aneb bezpečné propojení počítačů v IT světě

Do you know what is SSH or secure computer interconnection? It stands for Secure Shell, which is a secure protocol used for communication and connection between computers over the internet. The purpose of SSH is to enable remote access to another computer. This means you can connect to and work with another computer even if you are physically distant from it. This is useful, for example, for server administration or remote technical support. What is SSH or secure computer interconnection SSH utilizes asymmetric encryption methods. This means that two keys are generated: a public key … Read more

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