Installation and Configuration of Netdata on Ubuntu Server

Instalace a konfigurace Netdata na Ubuntu serveru

Netdata is an open-source software designed for real-time monitoring of your server. With this software, you can view and collect data about the performance of your server and its various components in real-time. You can monitor CPU load, memory, disks, network traffic, and much more. The installation and configuration of Netdata on Ubuntu server are … Read more

How to set up dual boot with Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 11

Dual boot Ubuntu a Windows 11

Every operating system undoubtedly has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why sometimes the most suitable option is a combination of several systems, between which the user can choose at the computer startup. A very popular combination is Microsoft Windows together with the Linux system Ubuntu. I would like to focus on this combination myself. So … Read more

Fingerprint reader in Ubuntu doesnt work. How to fix it?

Ubuntu 22.04

If you own a Dell laptop from the Inspiron series, which includes a fingerprint reader, it probably won’t work after Ubuntu’s Linux operating system is installed. Drivers will be missing in the system. Across the board, using a fingerprint reader can be very convenient for logging into the system. But getting it up and running … Read more

Installation of XRDP on Ubuntu Server


XRDP is an open-source implementation of the classic RDP protocol from Microsoft that allows you to remotely and graphically control your server. This enables you to log in to the server under a graphical user interface, just as if you were sitting directly at the machine. Let’s take a look on installation of XRDP on … Read more

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