How can you easily increase the traffic to your blog?

Jak zvýšit návštěvnost Vašeho blogu

If you want to start a personal or business blog, it’s relatively simple thanks to platforms like WordPress. Definitely easier than it would have been, for instance, ten years ago. However, the subsequent website traffic will be a challenge for you. That is, how many people your articles attract and how significant the traffic to … Read more

Abbreviations And Metrics In SEO. Do You Know Them All?

Víte, co znamenají jednotlivé zkratky a metriky v SEO?

If you are creating websites, there is one thing you will have to deal with sooner or later to be visible on the internet. This will introduce you to the term SEO. SEO involves techniques used to optimize a website to move it to higher positions in search results. Logically, the higher a search engine … Read more

Everything You Wanted To Know About HTTP Status Codes

Vše co jste chtěli vědět o HTTP stavových kódech

Each of us practically uses the internet on a daily basis and displays content on various devices that we are searching for. When you send a request to the server through your browser to display content, you usually receive an HTTP status code, which tells the browser how the request to the server was handled. … Read more

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