How To Easily Set Up Microsoft OneNote In Ubuntu?

Jak v Ubuntu zprovoznit Microsoft OneNote

I use two operating systems on my personal notebook as a dual-boot solution. Specifically, I use Microsoft Windows 11 for entertainment and content consumption, along with Ubuntu 22.04 for work. On all my devices, including both work and personal computers, as well as my mobile phone, I use Microsoft’s OneNote for note-taking. This is because … Read more

How to configure Apache with MPM Event and PHP-FPM

Jak nakonfigurovat Apache s MPM Event a PHP-FPM na Ubuntu

Apache HTTP web server has been developed over many years to work in various environments and address different user needs. One important issue that Apache, like any web server, must address is how to handle different processes for serving HTTP requests. Apache server includes a total of three different MPM (Multi-Processing Module) modules, and in … Read more

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