WP Rocket – Server Outages Slow Down WordPress Websites

WP Rocket - výpadky serverů zpomalují WordPress weby

In the past few days, WP Media, the creator of the popular WP Rocket plugin, faced a massive DDoS attack on their servers. This resulted in significant slowdowns for all WordPress websites using this plugin. The company also published this information on their Twitter channel, clearly stating that their server outages are slowing down WordPress websites using their plugin. License validation The slowdown of websites with this plugin occurred due to license verification. WP Rocket is a paid plugin, and to use it, you need a license key. When loading your pages, the plugin verifies … Read more

How To Perform A Simple Load Test On Your WordPress Site

Jak provést zátěžový test Vašeho WordPressu - hlavní náhledový obrázek ke článku

Probably every website owner sooner or later becomes interested in how much load their shared hosting or own server can handle. Especially with increasing traffic, this is a more than relevant question. Therefore, in this article, I would like to look at a service that is not only free at its core but also provides you with precise answers on how many users per minute your website or server can handle. If you are interested in how to perform a load test on your WordPress, you can rest assured that it is really simple. How … Read more

New and better WordPress 6.5 with codenamed Regina

Jak ve WordPressu zakázat automatické aktualizace

This week, a new major update of WordPress was released, specifically version 6.5. It bears the codename Regina, as is customary with WordPress updates, named after a well-known musical artist. In this case, the artist is Regina Carter. What does WordPress 6.5 bring us? New Font Library The new version of WordPress also introduces a new font library. You can now activate not only fonts from the Google library but also local fonts. This allows your website typography to take on much better dimensions, and everything will be much easier to manage. You can manage … Read more

Affiliate SEO Secrets: Optimizing Your Content for Search Engine Visibility

This is a guest post. This is a guest post. The author of the article is Motif Creatives . × Zavřít toto upozornění. Are you ready to supercharge your affiliate marketing game and dominate the search engine?  Then buckle up because we’re diving straight into the Affiliate SEO Secrets. Together, we’ll master the art of selecting the perfect keywords, captivating audiences, and crushing the competition.  So, grab your virtual seatbelt and prepare for an exhilarating adventure toward unprecedented success! Let’s go! 1. Target Specific Keywords Choosing particular words, people type when searching online — “keywords” … Read more

How to Secure WordPress – Complete Guide 2024

Jak zabezpečit WordPress - kompletní průvodce 2024

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used platforms for building websites in the world. Currently, it powers more than 40% of all websites worldwide. Its simple interface and rich customization options make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses. However, the popularity of WordPress also brings challenges, especially in the area of security. How to secure WordPress is a question many website creators ask, and there is no simple answer. Website security is a complex matter that requires time and effort. In today’s world, websites are frequent targets of hackers and … Read more

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