How To Easily Disable XML-RPC In WordPress

Jak zakázat XML-RPC ve WordPressu

XML-RPC is one of the core WordPress APIs that has been enabled by default since version 3.5, released in 2012. Therefore, every new WordPress installation has XML-RPC automatically active. This WordPress functionality simplifies connection and interaction with your website, for instance, through mobile apps for WordPress management or various automation services. If you don’t utilize … Read more

How To Easily Remove WordPress Categories From The RSS

Potřebujete ve svém RSS feedu zakázat určité kategorie? Podíváme se, jak odstranit určité kategorie WordPressu z RSS feedu. Vše jednoduše pomocí snippetu.

Every website built on the WordPress content management system also has its RSS feed. This allows users to add your site to their RSS readers and stay informed about every new article you publish. It’s definitely a great thing, especially for your regular readers. However, sometimes there are categories that you don’t want to include … Read more

How To Add New Records To A User In WordPress

Jak přidat nové záznamy k uživateli ve WordPressu

If you’re using a content management system for your website, you have the option to have more than one user within the system. If, for instance, you have an entire editorial team, it’s likely composed of numerous members. All of them probably have their profiles created within WordPress, through which they access the system. WordPress … Read more

Can ChatGPT Easily Substitute For People In Pharmacies?

ChatGPT neuspěl v otázkách medicínského charakteru

Many people have grown accustomed to using artificial intelligence as a regular part of their lives. Unfortunately, many also believe that the answers provided by this chatbot are always entirely truthful. However, that’s not the case. Researchers from Long Island University have now demonstrated that this could cause serious problems. And why did ChatGPT actually … Read more

How ChatGPT can make your work tasks easier

Patrně jste již o fenoménu umělé inteligence slyšeli, nebo možná něco četli. V tomto článku se podíváme na 7 věcí, se kterými Vám Chat GPT pomůže v zaměstnání.

The development of artificial intelligence in the form of language models or chatbots, if you will, is enormous. Not long ago, ChatGPT was only capable of writing a simple article. However, after over a year since its release, it can now work with images and audio. Moreover, its new version was trained on almost four … Read more

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