How To Find Out Template Which Foreign Website Uses On WordPress

jakou šablonu používá cizí web na WordPressu?

If you’ve ever worked on the design of a WordPress website, you’ve probably spent hours choosing the right template. Let’s admit it, this is a crucial step in determining your design options. In this context, it’s safe to say that we all seek inspiration from places where a certain style and template are already successful. … Read more

Certified courses worth tens of Euros completely for free

kurzy v hodnotě desítek Eur zdarma

Are you looking for ways to advance your career from home in the evenings? Perhaps you’re searching for courses that interest you, offering the chance to gain new knowledge? This is where the portal comes in, offering such courses. While the courses are certified, unfortunately, they are paid for some. And the prices aren’t … Read more

What beginners need to know about WordPress

co jako začátečník potřebujete znát o WordPressu

Are you thinking about creating your own website or blog and have decided to use WordPress for it? Then you’re probably interested in many really basic questions about this popular content management system. So, I’ve tried to compile questions about what beginners need to know about WordPress. Let’s take a look at them. What beginners … Read more

Why do backlinks play such an important role in SEO?

Proč hrají zpětné odkazy tak důležitou roli v SEO?

If you’ve ever dealt with optimizing your website for search engines, you’ve probably come across the topic of backlinks. Backlinks are indeed a fundamental building block in any search engine optimization. So, why do backlinks play such an important role in SEO? Let’s try to briefly explain that in this article. Ultimately, you don’t necessarily … Read more

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