How to easily mitigate a brute force attack on WordPress

Jak ztížit brute force útok do WordPressu

WordPress is a system currently used by approximately 40% of websites worldwide. Due to its widespread use, it is also a relatively common target for hackers seeking to access your data or simply damage your website. A brute force attack is a technique where a hacker tries usernames and passwords repeatedly until they find the correct combination. In this article, we will demonstrate how to mitigate a brute force attack on WordPress using three methods that are effective. How to mitigate a brute force attack on WordPress – 3 proven methods Method 1 – Disable … Read more

Important points to know when changing the WordPress theme

SEznam bodů, které potřebujete znát když měníte vzhled svého WordPressu

The website appearance is a crucial factor that allows you to quickly turn a casual visitor into a regular one. How people feel on your website significantly influences whether they will return, read your content, or immediately leave to find information elsewhere. Therefore, it’s important not to underestimate the choice of the template. So, what should you not forget when changing the WordPress theme? I’ll explore that in this article through 10 points I consider highly important 1. Note all manual WordPress theme modifications Before uploading a new appearance template to your website, you should … Read more

How to create a WordPress admin user using a script and FTP

Jak vytvořit admin uživatele WordPressu pomocí skriptu na FTP

Creating a WordPress user typically happens in two ways. The first is the classic method through the administration interface, and the second, for more experienced users, involves working directly in the database. However, let’s explore a third method that allows you to create a WordPress user very conveniently. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to create a WordPress admin user using a script and FTP. The principle is simple: we’ll create a PHP file that we’ll easily upload to the website’s FTP. Subsequently, we’ll call it in a browser, and the magic will happen. The … Read more

How to update a WordPress theme without losing customizations

Jak aktualizovat šablonu WordPressu bez ztráty vlastních úprav

On WordPress as a website management system, there’s one fantastic thing: how easily it can be customized. You can easily modify the system’s behavior using plugins or alter the appearance of the current template using PHP code. However, I’d like to address a specific concern with modifying the template using inserted code. There’s an issue here. When updating the template, you can easily lose all your modifications. The template gets overwritten, and the inserted PHP code simply disappears. In this article, I’d like to show you how to update a WordPress theme without losing customizations, … Read more

How to enable maintenance mode in WordPress

Jak zapnete režim údržby ve WordPressu

Are you managing one or multiple WordPress websites? If you answered yes, then you’re likely aware that WordPress maintenance occasionally requires intervention. This involves updating plugins, the system’s core, theme templates, or other aspects. In such situations, it’s good practice to put your website into maintenance mode. Essentially, this temporarily deactivates the site for your visitors during maintenance. As the site administrator, you won’t notice any change. However, users won’t be able to access the site and will only see an information notice indicating that the site is currently under maintenance. How do you enable … Read more

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