Is WordPress really a bad content management system?

Je WordPress opravdu špatný redakční systém?

From time to time, you may hear from various sources that WordPress is a bad content management system that is unsuitable for building websites. Such information can be confusing, especially if someone is just getting acquainted with this CMS and does not have enough information to verify whether it is true. However, would WordPress be … Read more

Difference between and

Jaký je rozdíl mezi a

WordPress is a very popular open-source platform for managing websites, currently used on more than 40% of all websites on the internet. When talking about WordPress, we often come across two different terms – specifically, “” and ““. These two terms refer to two different platforms, each with their own distinct features, functions, and usage … Read more

How to remove excess revisions in WordPress

wordpress main

If you’ve noticed a significant slowdown in your WordPress, it’s possible that a large number of revisions are blocking your site’s speed and responsiveness. From time to time, it’s a good idea to remove revisions, especially if you know there are old posts on your site that are unlikely to be significantly edited and that … Read more

What is revision in WordPress?

Wordpress plugins main picture

You’ve probably found yourself in a situation in WordPress where you’ve made minor or major updates to an article, only to conclude that the original version was better. Since such situations are quite common, WordPress includes a feature called revisions. In short, when editing an article, older copies are automatically saved, which can be easily … Read more

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