Deactivating all WordPress plugins outside the administration

Deaktivace všech pluginů WordPressu

WordPress is a content management system that users customize using plugins and theme templates. These plugins are developed by third-party developers, and it’s easy for one of them not only to malfunction on your website but also to crash it entirely, making it inaccessible. In certain situations, this could pose a significant issue, especially when … Read more

How Can You Reduce The TTFB Value In WordPress?

Jak můžete snížit hodnotu TTFB u Wordpressu

In the context of SEO optimization and the fact that everyone undoubtedly wants to see their website at the top of search results, let’s take a look today at the role that website speed optimization plays. Specifically, we will focus on the Time To First Byte (TTFB) and how can you reduce the TTFB value … Read more

How To Fix A Wrong URL Of The Homepage In WordPress

Jak opravit špatnou URL úvodní stránky ve WordPressu

The WordPress homepage is the page that appears first when you enter your domain in a web browser. WordPress has its own section in the settings dedicated to this page. Sometimes, the homepage can cause issues for many people. For example, when someone sets the homepage to use the HTTPS protocol but doesn’t have a … Read more

Easy Explanation: How To Better Use Memory Limit On WordPress

Jak na WordPressu funguje memory limit

The memory limit is a server restriction that is intentionally set by its administrator, and its size varies depending on the shared hosting provider. Generally, on web hosting, you can have memory ranging from 128 MB to 512 MB. The memory limit is a restriction. It determines the amount of memory a specific program or … Read more

Do you need to obtain system information in WordPress?

Potřebujete ve WordPressu získat systémové informace?

Do you need to obtain system information in WordPress? WordPress can natively display many system information that can reveal important factors affecting your website. Such information may include PHP version, server PHP limits, FTP folders and their sizes, and more. WordPress is capable of displaying these system information directly in the administration interface. In this article, … Read more

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