Speed up your website: Enabling Varnish Cache on Ubuntu

Aktivace Varnish Cache na Ubuntu

In today’s world, where speed and instant access to information play a crucial role, it is important for websites to load as quickly as possible. You have probably experienced frustration when a website loads slowly and tested your patience. But don’t despair! There is a tool that can significantly increase the speed of website loading. … Read more

How to create custom commands on Linux

How to create custom commands on Linux

If you manage a Linux server, you’re probably familiar with situations where you frequently use certain longer commands with specific parameters that you don’t want to repeatedly type. That’s why there’s a solution that allows you to create your own shortened command, which will not only be shorter but also easier to remember. As an … Read more

Installation of Redis on Ubuntu Server

Instalace Redis na Ubuntu serveru

If you run a WordPress website, for example, using your own VPS, you may have already heard about object caching. After all, WordPress itself will alert you to its usage in the site health section. Object caching in WordPress, such as using Redis, is a powerful tool for optimizing performance and speeding up the loading … Read more

Installation Brotli on Ubuntu server

Instalace Brotli na Ubuntu server

Data compression is crucial for server speed. It helps reduce the size of transferred files between the server and the client, saving you time required to display the webpage. The web browser contacts the server, which compresses the data, sends the compressed data to the browser, where it is decompressed and displayed. Currently, two methods … Read more

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