What is SSH or secure computer interconnection

Last updated December 6th, 2023 00:19

Do you know what is SSH or secure computer interconnection? It stands for Secure Shell, which is a secure protocol used for communication and connection between computers over the internet. The purpose of SSH is to enable remote access to another computer. This means you can connect to and work with another computer even if you are physically distant from it. This is useful, for example, for server administration or remote technical support.

What is SSH or secure computer interconnection

SSH utilizes asymmetric encryption methods. This means that two keys are generated: a public key and a private key. The public key is shared between the client (the computer wishing to connect) and the server (the computer being connected to). The private key remains secret. These keys enable the encryption of data being transmitted between the devices.

In practice, when you want to connect to another computer using SSH, you send a connection request, and the server responds by accepting your request. Then, public keys are exchanged, and data encryption begins. This ensures that your connection is secure and protected against unwanted attacks.

What is SSH used for?

SSH has various uses in the IT field. Server administrators use it for remote management and maintenance of their systems. Developers use it for file transfer and executing commands on remote machines. SSH also provides a secure environment for remote work and collaboration.

Since SSH provides secure access to remote computers, it is important to prioritize security. It is recommended to use strong passwords or, even better, public keys for authentication. Additionally, regularly updating the software that SSH relies on helps minimize security risks.

On which port does SSH operate?

When using SSH, it’s also worth mentioning the port that is typically used for this protocol. SSH communication commonly utilizes port 22. What is means for you to be successfully connected to a computer using SSH? You need to have port 22 open for communication with the target server.

So, if you are configuring SSH on your own server or accessing a remote server using this channel, you need to ensure that your firewall doesn’t block traffic on port 22. Without an open port 22, you won’t be able to establish an SSH connection. By default, you can have this port open to everyone, or for better security, you can allow SSH port access only for specific IP addresses.

For security reasons, you can change the port on the server. By modifying the configuration, SSH won’t operate on the standard port 22 but on a different port chosen by the server administrator. This is mainly done to eliminate brute force attacks on the SSH service, where an attacker attempts to break a password using a dictionary attack.

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