Where You Can Download WordPress – Beginner’s Tips

If you’re planning to create your own website or blog, then WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most popular and effective content management tools. Its simplicity and extensive customization options attract millions of users worldwide. However, the first step to utilizing this platform is to download it. How and where to download WordPress? We’ll show you here. And let’s start with where to download WordPress and from which websites. From the .COM domain or the .ORG domain?

Difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com

Many people encounter the initial issue of distinguishing between the .com and .org extensions. Let’s briefly explain the main difference. WordPress.com provides a comprehensive solution. This means they provide you with web hosting, the option to register a domain, and hand over an already installed system. From your end, you don’t need to handle much. On the other hand, wordpress.org doesn’t concern itself with whether you have hosting or a domain. Here, you can download the WordPress installation package, plugins, and templates.

So, if you already have your own hosting and domain sorted out and only need the installation package, you’ll primarily be interested in the domain wordpress.org. This domain provides the files for download, enabling you to operate WordPress on your own domain and website.

Where to download WordPress directly in Czech? Is it possible?

It’s not a problem. Earlier, we explained that for these purposes, the domain wordpress.org is used. All you need to do is add the subdomain cs before the domain. So, the complete address is cs.wordpress.org. On this subdomain, there’s an installation package available that is entirely prepared in Czech. You won’t need to worry about any language set up besides the installation. Everything is already set up for you.

How do I install WordPress?

You already have the installation package in Czech, what’s next? You’ll need your own website and domain. If you have both, transfer the content of the installation .zip file to the web-designated folder using an FTP client. This folder could be named www or public. Each web hosting provider has a different data structure on their server. Once you’ve uploaded the data via FTP, simply enter your domain name in a browser, and the first step of the installation will appear. For the installation, you’ll only need one technical thing: a MySQL database. So, prepare the login, password, server, and database name. You’ll need to fill in all these details during the installation.

Let’s take a look at the installation process in a video.

How and Where to Download WordPress – FAQ

You can download the installation package at wordpress.org. If you want WordPress directly in Czech, you can use the subdomain wordpress.org.

WordPress.com provides a comprehensive solution. It includes an installed WordPress, web hosting, and the option to register or re-register a domain.

You’ll need your own web hosting from any company, a domain, and a MySQL database. It’s best to have web hosting on a Linux server with PHP.

Use FTP to upload data from the installation package to your FTP. Then enter your domain name into a browser, where the first installation step will appear.

Yes, if you have your own website and domain, downloading the installation package and installing WordPress on your website are entirely free.

The best is web hosting on a Linux server with a MySQL database and PHP. As of the release date of this article, the optimal PHP version is 8.2. Although PHP 8.3 exists, WordPress is still in the beta phase for this PHP version.

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