WordPress Plans For 2024? Exciting List Of New Changes.

The end of 2023 is quickly approaching its conclusion, and the beginning of a new year is just around the corner. Joseph Haden, the CEO, recently unveiled WordPress’s plan, revealing to users the itinerary of updates that lie ahead. But what changes does WordPress have in store for 2024? Let’s take a closer look. We’ll delve into the changes awaiting the WordPress community and users, discussing what to anticipate in the new year of 2024. So, what are WordPress plans For 2024?

Co plánuje WordPress v roce 2024

WordPress Plans For 2024? Exciting List Of New Changes.

The most critical announcement in the report revolves around the three main WordPress releases slated for the year 2024. Specifically, they are scheduled in the following order and anticipated to be released on these dates. However, please regard these release dates with caution as they are purely indicative:

  • 6.5 WordPress (March 26)
  • 6.6 WordPress (July 16)
  • 6.7 WordPress (November 5)

At this stage, the exact details of what these new versions of WordPress will entail remain unclear. Everything is currently speculative and tentative. However, there is an official page available specifically for WordPress 6.5:  WordPress 6.5 development Cycle 

The specific changes for WordPress 6.5 can be seen here: Dev Chat Agenda November

WordPress Plans For 2024?

The year 2024 will also mark the transition to the third phase in the Gutenberg project. The second phase primarily focused on website customization, chiefly accomplished through the implementation of the web editor.

The forthcoming phase will emphasize teamwork. Efforts will be made to enhance WordPress features to facilitate smoother collaboration among multi-member teams.

Real-time collaboration among multiple authors

The objective of the third phase includes introducing WordPress and Gutenberg editor functionalities that enable people to collaborate on website content.

This means, for instance, simultaneous editing of the same document and the ability to comment on or provide feedback for other team members. This functionality will particularly aid in collective work on specific articles or content.

Currently, you can only work independently on WordPress posts and pages. When attempting to access content already in use, you can either log the other person out of the document or leave and wait for them to finish their work. Presently, there’s no way to work simultaneously. This is expected to change in the new WordPress versions.

New collaboration features

Co plánuje WordPress za změny v roce 2024?

In addition to the ability to collaborate on the same content, several other features will significantly complement this change:

  • Publishing workflows: The capability to collaborate on edits of a single document also includes enhancements in the publication process. For instance, you’ll be able to define the appearance and parameters of the introductory image and assign specific team members to manage it.
  • Enhanced revisions and corrections: Revisions will now offer more detailed options. You’ll be able to revert individual blocks or update multiple sections of content.
  • Updated media and asset library: The media library will undergo a redesign, offering improved labeling, sorting, and filtering mechanisms. New editing tools will also be implemented. Simultaneously, a new library for additional assets like blocks, block patterns, styles, and a font library should be created.
  • Search and command-line interface: To accommodate the expansion of command-line-based software, there are plans to integrate similar functionalities into WordPress. However, this feature is not currently a top priority.

WordPress Plans For 2024? Exciting List Of New Changes. What do users desire?

Developers are continually exploring which features make sense within WordPress and which ones are necessary. Extensive debates are ongoing with stakeholders throughout the WordPress ecosystem. Among the requests for WordPress, several have been frequently mentioned, such as:

  • The ability to have different levels of collaboration, meaning the ability to edit articles collaboratively while having the option to restrict certain user roles. For instance, allowing interaction solely with images, not written content, would better divide work, such as between graphic designers and copywriters.
  • Public preview links, enabling content viewing without logging into the website.
  • Integration with communication tools like Slack or Trello to notify changes in articles.
  • The ability to publish articles with multiple authors.
  • Tracking changes beyond the written text, including SEO settings, recommended images, etc.

Finally, what changes does WordPress plan for 2024?

Co plánuje WordPress za změny v roce 2024?

As you can see, the summary of changes is quite extensive. WordPress aims to evolve from being merely a content creation tool to primarily serving as a collaborative work tool. The upcoming year will be characterized by changes that facilitate the work of those collaborating on website content. This shift intends to make website creation with multiple authors easier, smoother, and less reliant on extensive communication among writers, designers, and marketers. Let’s stay tuned to see which changes eventually get implemented into the system and which remain as ideas or get deferred for later.

WordPress Plans For 2024 sound’s good, dont you think? Let’s wait and see if everything they promise will truly be delivered to us.

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