Dictionaries for the Onyx Boox e-reader

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:05

Do you own an Onyx Boox e-reader and need dictionaries for text translations? Previously, these were commonly available online, but most recently disappeared from the internet and are no longer downloadable. However, I’ve managed to gather a total of 53 translation dictionaries for these and other e-readers. You now have access to these dictionaries for the Onyx Boox e-reader entirely for free in the table below.

Translation dictionaries for the Onyx Boox e-reader

Instructions on how to apply the dictionary to your e-reader can be found here: How to Add a New Dictionary to the Onyx Boox E-reader

Translation dictionaries for download – Part One

Afrikaans – GermantarballGPL, 66K
Afrikaans – EnglishtarballGPL, 82K
Croatian – EnglishtarballGPL, 1.3M
Czech – EnglishtarballGPL, 7K
Danish – EnglishtarballGPL, 62K
German – EnglishtarballGPL, 2M
German – FrenchtarballGPL, 119K
German – ItaliantarballGPL, 57K
German – DutchtarballGPL, 264K
German – PortuguesetarballGPL, 148K

Translation dictionaries for download – Part Two

English – AfrikaanstarballGPL, 86K
English – ArabictarballGPL, 1.2M
English – CroatiantarballGPL, 1.2M
English – CzechtarballGPL, 2M
English – GermantarballGPL, 2.1M
English – FrenchtarballGPL, 178K
English – HinditarballGPL, 1.3M
English – HungariantarballGPL, 2.1M
English – IrishtarballGPL, 35K
English – ItaliantarballGPL, 58K
English – LatintarballGPL, 65K
English – DutchtarballGPL, 2.3M
English – PortuguesetarballGPL, 3.4M
English – RomaniantarballGPL, 24K
English – RussiantarballGPL, 47K
English – SpanishtarballGPL, 137K
English – SwahilitarballGPL, 22K
English – SwedishtarballGPL, 125K
English – TurkishtarballGPL, 1.9M
English – WelshtarballGPL, 25K

Translation dictionaries for download – Part Three

French – GermantarballGPL, 159K
French – EnglishtarballGPL, 190K
French – DutchtarballGPL, 283K
Hungarian – EnglishtarballGPL, 2.3M
Irish – EnglishtarballGPL, 16K
Italian – GermantarballGPL, 59K
Japanese – GermantarballGPL, 7K
Khasi – GermantarballGPL, 21K
Latin – GermantarballGPL, 28K
Latin – EnglishtarballGPL, 34K
Dutch – GermantarballGPL, 446K
Dutch – EnglishtarballGPL, 565K
Dutch – FrenchtarballGPL, 393K
Portuguese – GermantarballGPL, 147K
Portuguese – EnglishtarballGPL, 167K
Scottish – GermantarballGPL, 4K
Serbo-Croat – EnglishtarballGPL, 6K
Slovak – EnglishtarballGPL, 12K
Spanish – EnglishtarballGPL, 99K
Swahili – EnglishtarballGPL, 25K
Swedish – EnglishtarballGPL, 74K
Turkish – GermantarballGPL, 15K
Turkish – EnglishtarballGPL, 15K

Translation dictionaries for the Onyx Boox e-reader


Wishing you lots of enjoyment in both reading books and translations. If these dictionaries have been helpful to you when you couldn’t find them elsewhere, I would greatly appreciate feedback, perhaps in the comments.

The website is created with care for the included information. I strive to provide high-quality and useful content that helps or inspires others. If you are satisfied with my work and would like to support me, you can do so through simple options.

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Hi, tnx, but is it possible to add a french-french dictionary?


Thank you so much for making these dictionaries accessible.
Do you know where I might be able to find an english->danish dictionary for boox?


Thank you so very much – I was searching for hours to find the stardict dictionaries as shown in the BOOX video but the site doesnt exit anymore. Thank you very much for making the dictionaries accessible!!

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