How To Resolve The 404 Error In WordPress 6.4 With PolyLang

Jak vyřešit chybu 404 u WordPressu 6.4 s PolyLang

Last week, the long-awaited new version of WordPress 6.4 was released. Shortly thereafter, within a 24-hour window, developers released another update in the form of version 6.4.1. WordPress itself encountered significant issues with this update, affecting tools like Oxygen Builder, among others. Many WordPress users, including myself, started experiencing a 404 error on every page … Read more

Speed Up Your WordPress With Lazy Load For Comments

Zrychlete svůj WordPress a zapněte lazy load u komentářů

Website optimization is an endless topic. If you’re developing a website on the popular content management system WordPress, you probably regularly test the site for speed optimization. There are many solutions to speed up a website, starting with a caching plugin and ending with the site’s structure and technologies. One method that can help your … Read more

The new version of WordPress 6.4.1 fixes critical errors

Nová verze WordPressu 6.4.1 opravuje kritické chyby

WordPress developers responded quite promptly to the discovered critical system bug in version 6.4. Within 24 hours of the release of the latest version, a new version 6.4.1 is available. The new version of WordPress 6.4.1 fixes critical errors caused by changes in the Requests library. Issues with updates on servers running older versions of … Read more

Websites using Oxygen Builder have a serious issue with WordPress 6.4.

Weby s Oxygen Builder mají s WordPress 6.4 vážný problém

If you use the popular Oxygen page builder on your WordPress website, you may encounter serious issues when updating to the latest version 6.4. Shortly after the release of the WordPress 6.4 update, complaints from Oxygen users began to multiply. Many websites stopped functioning within a short period of time and experienced critical errors. These … Read more

How To Rename A Group Of Blocks In The Gutenberg Editor In WordPress 6.4

Přejmenování skupiny bloků v Gutenberg editoru u WordPress 6.4

It’s been only one day since the new version of WordPress 6.4 was released. This version brings a breath of fresh changes to the entire ecosystem of this popular content management system. One of the changes that has officially arrived in the new system is the ability to easily rename a group of blocks in … Read more

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