Amazing Statistics About Blogging That You Probably Didn’t Know

Do you write your own blog using the WordPress content management system? Then you might be interested in statistics related to this CMS and blogging itself. Let’s take a look at some amazing statistics about blogging that you probably didn’t know. How bloggers operate, the number of WordPress websites in existence, the most popular language used for blogging. These and much more can be found in this article

Amazing Statistics About Blogging That You Probably Didn’t Know

Blog Statistics

Amazing Statistics About Blogging That You Probably Didn’t Know
  • In 2021, the average length of a blog post was 1416 words.
  • The average length of blog posts increased by 57% since 2014.
  • Posts with over 3000 words attract 138% more visitors than posts with less than 500 words.
  • Currently, only 4% of bloggers write posts exceeding 3000 words.
  • 71% of WordPress-created blogs are written in English.
  • Spanish is the second most used language for blog content (4.7%). Indonesian ranks as the third most used language (2.4%).
  • WordPress users publish blog posts in over 120 languages.
  • When asked why they read blog posts, 33% of people mentioned wanting to learn something new.
  • 27% of bloggers publish paid content.
  • 45% of bloggers create extensive guides.
  • “How-to” guides are the most popular type of content bloggers write. In fact, currently, 76% of bloggers publish guides.
  • The highest reported income for a blogger in the United States is $104,191 annually.
  • 44% of bloggers revisit their previously written articles and retroactively edit their own work.
  • Bloggers who collaborate with editors are twice as likely to achieve significantly better results. However, only 17% of bloggers actually collaborate with an editor.

SEO statistics

📖 Máte vlastní blog, píšete články a staráte se o svůj web. Pojďte se podívat na zajímavé statistiky o blogování, které jste pravděpodobně neznali.
  • Companies that actively blog receive 97% more backlinks.
  • 71% of bloggers agree that search engine optimization is the best way to increase website traffic.
  • 51% of companies measure their blog content’s success based on organic traffic, and 42% state that search engine ranking is the most crucial metric for measuring success.
  • 27% of bloggers always conduct keyword research, whereas 15% admit they’ve never done any such research.
  • Among bloggers who consistently conduct keyword research, 37% claim to achieve significantly better results from such posts.
  • 29% of bloggers regularly monitor their Google Analytics. Only 4% of bloggers mention having no Google Analytics account and show no interest in statistics.
  • Among bloggers who regularly check their Google Analytics account, 36% achieve better results with their posts, likely due to having a mapped-out understanding of their website users.

Blog Traffic and Visits

📖 Máte vlastní blog, píšete články a staráte se o svůj web. Pojďte se podívat na zajímavé statistiky o blogování, které jste pravděpodobně neznali.
  • websites are visited by over 409 million people each month.
  • 49% of bloggers cite achieving high traffic as their biggest challenge.
  • Articles with the word “Guide” in their title attract three times more organic traffic.
  • Posts that include both “Guide” and “How-to” in their titles generate the most organic traffic.
  • Blogs with headlines containing 7 words or fewer receive 36% more organic traffic compared to those with headlines of 14 words or more. Sometimes, less is more.
  • Headlines posing a question receive approximately 23% more shares on social media.
  • On average, bloggers spend 2 hours promoting each article.
  • Only 20% of bloggers promote their article before publishing, utilizing tactics such as reaching out to influencers, promoting upcoming content in newsletters, or creating anticipation through social media posts.

Amazing Statistics About Blogging That You Probably Didn’t Know


Statistics from the world of blogging can be quite intriguing and might also prompt you to contemplate what you can improve, or conversely, what you might do differently. Whether your blog aligns with these statistics or goes against the grain, there’s no wrong way in this context.

Blogs that stand out may attract users precisely because they provide content and a form that’s entirely different. On the other hand, blogs that fit perfectly into the aforementioned numbers may benefit from a proven and functional system. The path you take with your blog is entirely up to your decision. After all, everyone must find their own way to climb the ranks in search results so that their blog becomes at least somewhat visible. And that path isn’t an easy one. Wishing you much strength, enjoyment, and success in writing your articles.

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