NIO introduces its first battery swapping station.

Last updated December 6th, 2023 00:30

I discovered the Chinese company NIO about a year and a half ago. From that time I have been closely following and admiring them. Even though electric cars have yet to become a significant mode of transportation for me. I like NIO so much that it forms the largest part of my stock portfolio. It’s evident that NIO is taking a completely different path compared to its competitor, Tesla, but it’s one that is beginning to pay off. I mention Tesla intentionally because NIO is a car company that specializes exclusively in electric vehicles. You won’t find any combustion engines in its portfolio. Now, it has also introduced something in Europe that others have only written about. As a result, NIO is introducing the first battery swapping stations in Europe, which should address the biggest issue with electric mobility – charging.

NIO introduces the first battery swapping stations in Europe

One of the biggest deterrents for people considering electric vehicles is the time it takes to charge the battery. It’s not a small amount of time, and you have to plan your journey ahead of time. Additionally, many people don’t have the option to charge their car at home or at work and rely on external charging stations or shopping centers where they can charge for free during their shopping time.

NIO is taking a different approach and instead of standard charging at a station. They are introducing what’s called a swapping station. The principle is simple. Instead of charging the battery, you swap it for another fully charged one at the station. The entire process is fully automated. The car is robotically lifted at the station and the original battery is removed. Different fully charged battery is inserted in its place within a short time. So, to put it simply, the entire process of charging your car to 100% takes less than 5 minutes. Therefore, the time it takes is comparable to filling up a tank with gasoline in a traditional combustion engine car.

Future Plans

Not only is NIO introducing the first battery swapping stations, but they also plan to heavily expand these stations in the future. According to the carmaker’s data, there should currently be around 1100 stations, mainly located in China. However, in 2023, they plan to open an additional 100 such stations in Europe alone. As for the disadvantages, they are clearly predetermined as these stations are exclusively for NIO brand vehicles that are prepared for this concept. For now, other car brands cannot use a similar charging principle. However, since NIO is expanding significantly outside of China, especially in European countries, it won’t be long before you can purchase NIO brand vehicles in your country. Although, according to the latest statements from the brand itself, they plan to distribute the vehicles in the form of a certain lease rather than a direct sale

NIO zavádí první stanice na výměnu baterií

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