Important accessories for Kugoo G-Booster

Last updated December 6th, 2023 06:28

Since I’ve already covered several hundred kilometers on my Kugoo G-Booster electric scooter, I can confidently say that it not only rides very fast, but also comfortably, especially in the city. The scooter can sometimes even be faster than a car in regular city traffic. Plus, with a range of 25 to 50 km (depending on the terrain and load), it can basically handle everything I need in a day. However, after those many kilometers, I’ve discovered things that, in my opinion, are essential for the scooter. Unfortunately, the Kugoo G-Booster doesn’t come with them. So, what are the important accessories for the Kugoo G-Booster?

Important Accessories for the Kugoo G-Booster

Steering Damper

I deliberately put this important component first. It is really a fundamental safety feature. I would recommend buying damper as the first accessory for anyone who owns any electric scooter. The steering damper not only significantly reduces handlebar wobbling, but also greatly increases the stability of the scooter. And at higher speeds, it also increases riding comfort. At higher speeds, the scooter tends to have handlebar wobbling. This is a situation that cannot always be endured and usually ends with an ugly fall.

Scooter handlebars are narrow, and the wheels are small. Therefore, the scooter cannot easily handle bumps and rough surfaces like a bike. It’s very easy for the handlebars to become unsteady and start wobbling. At higher speeds, it’s very difficult to maintain stability without falling. The steering damper, as an active component, increases the rigidity of the steering and substantially prevents this problem. At a price of around 64 USD, it’s an accessory that I consider essential in terms of safety. Additionally, considering the price ratio of the scooter and the steering damper, it’s relatively inexpensive.

You can purchase the steering damper, for example, here: Kugo G-booster Scooter Steering Damper Stabilizer

kugoo g-booster tlumič řízení

Hydraulic brakes

Although the scooter is equipped with disc brakes as standard, with 140 mm discs on both the front and rear wheels, the brake calipers themselves are mechanical. This means that there is a steel cable between the brake caliper and the brake lever, which operates the pads. The original brakes also have only one piston, and the pad closer to the wheel is fixed. In reality, the scooter brakes using the outer pad, which the piston presses against the disc, which then presses against the second pad closer to the wheel. This has two drawbacks. The first is significantly lower braking efficiency, and the second is the much greater force you need to exert on the brake lever to stop the scooter.

Brakes are the last thing you want to deal with at speeds of around 60 km/h, on a machine that weighs more than 100 kg with the rider. Hydraulic brakes solve these drawbacks very well. Firstly, they have more than one piston, and secondly, the brake calipers and lever are connected by a brake hose filled with special oil. Pressure on the pads is thus exerted by fluid, not a steel cable that needs to be pulled with the force of the brake lever. Not only is such braking more comfortable, but it is also much more effective. The price of such brakes is again around 99 USD. The brakes are also equipped with a sensor for pressing the brake lever, which disconnects the engine power during braking. You can can also purchase them with passive cooling for better heat dissipation during braking.

You can buy hydraulic brakes, for example, here:  NUTT hydraulic brakes for Kugoo G-Booster

hydraulické brzdy pro kugoo g-booster

Rear Fender

The last accessory that is not purely safety-related, but makes riding a scooter much more enjoyable is an additional rear fender. If it has rained, or if it starts raining during the ride, the original rear fender serves rather an aesthetic function. And even that it does poorly. The result of such a ride is that you end up dirty from your shoes to your hood. As there are two threaded holes in the rear fork prepared for an additional fender, there is nothing easier than to buy and add one to the scooter. The installation takes literally a few minutes, and the effect is priceless.

You can buy a rear fender here:  Rear fender for Kugoo G-booster


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