Installation of Webmin on Ubuntu server

Last updated December 6th, 2023 00:16

Webmin is a web application designed for server management and configuration. It provides users with a user-friendly graphical interface, allowing them to manage their server even with minimal technical knowledge. Webmin runs on a specific port (typically port 10000) and can be accessed via a web browser from any device connected to the network. Alternatively, it is recommended to secure Webmin and its port behind a firewall, allowing access only from a specific IP address. This application offers a wide range of features and tools to facilitate server administration. Installation of Webmin on Ubuntu server is not demanding and takes only a few minutes. In this guide, we will demonstrate how to do it.

Installation of Webmin on Ubuntu server

The first step is to update the package list on your Linux server. You can do this with the following command:

					sudo apt update

Update the repository list

To install the Webmin application, you will need to update the repository list. This can be done in two steps. In the first step, you need to edit the /etc/apt/sources.list file. Choose a text editor of your preference. In this case, let’s use nano.

					sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list

Add the following line to the sources.list file:

					deb sarge contrib

If you are using the nano editor, press the CTRL+X key combination, then confirm the changes in the file by pressing the Y key and Enter.

Installation of Webmin on Ubuntu server

Now, use the wget command to download the Webmin PGP key and add it to your key list:

					wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add

Then, update the package list again to include the newly added Webmin trusted repository:

					sudo apt update

Now you can install the Webmin interface itself using the following command:

					sudo apt install webmin

Modify the firewall (UFW)

Since Webmin operates on port 10000, modify the firewall (UFW) to make the port accessible either from anywhere or restrict access to a specific IP address.

To make Webmin accessible from anywhere, use the following command:

					sudo ufw allow 10000

By using this command, you allow access to the Webmin interface only from the IP address you define (which is recommended). Replace in the command with the IP address from which you want to allow remote access. You can find your current IP address, for example, at

					sudo ufw allow from to any port 10000

Once you add the Webmin interface to the firewall (assuming you have it enabled), the interface will be accessible at In the URL, replace with the IP address of your server where Webmin is running. For example, if the server’s IP address is, the Webmin interface address will be

To enable SSL encryption in Webmin, you can go to the Webmin Configuration -> SSL Encryption -> Let’s Encrypt section. There, you can obtain an SSL certificate for the interface and subsequently have communication with the Webmin interface encrypted using the HTTPS protocol.

Installation of Webmin on Ubuntu server

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