Incognito mode in a browser

Anonymní režim prohlížeče

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to use a computer that isn’t yours (for example, to browse the internet), you’ll definitely appreciate the feature that practically all modern web browsers offer. Yes, we’re talking about incognito mode. Incognito mode in a browser is a way to browse the internet without … Read more

How to recognize online scams and phishing?

Jak poznat online podvody a phishing?

How to recognize online scams and phishing? Online scams have become increasingly common in recent times. They involve fraudulent theft of confidential data, unauthorized access, payments, and investments in nonexistent companies or organizations. Online scams usually involve emails or SMS messages that attempt to appear as if they originate from reliable sources. They often include … Read more

How to better secure WordPress administration?

Jak zlepši zabezpečení administrace Wordpressu

The administration of WordPress is a critical component of this content management system, which is often targeted by various attacks. These attacks can range from brute-force attacks on login credentials, to DDoS attacks, and even attempts to add a user with root privileges. Therefore, any additional security measures you take are desirable and contribute to … Read more

Integrating of anti-spam protection into WPForms


After the Contact Form 7 plugin, WPForms is another very popular plugin for creating contact forms. The basic and free version does not provide any protection against comment spam, making it very vulnerable to abuse. An easy and relatively effective solution is to protect your forms using an available solution offered directly by Google, which … Read more

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