Certified courses worth tens of Euros completely for free

kurzy v hodnotě desítek Eur zdarma

Are you looking for ways to advance your career from home in the evenings? Perhaps you’re searching for courses that interest you, offering the chance to gain new knowledge? This is where the portal https://udemy.com comes in, offering such courses. While the courses are certified, unfortunately, they are paid for some. And the prices aren’t … Read more

6 Major Security Issues Of WordPress You Need To Know

6 největších bezpečnostních problémů WordPressu

WordPress is currently an extremely popular content management system. It could be said that it is likely the most widely used web creation tool across the entire internet. And when a system is used by a large mass of people, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a major target for digital attackers. … Read more

Does the EU’s proposal in the form of CSAM entail a loss of privacy for your data?

Přináší návrh EU v podobě CSAM ztrátu soukromí Vašich dat?

You might have recently noticed reports that the European Commission is pushing for the enactment of a regulation referred to as CSAM. It’s an abbreviation for Child Sexual Abuse Material. This regulation is intended to restrict and more severely punish the trade in child pornography and related materials. However, is it really that straightforward, or … Read more

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