Moral Dilemmas Of A.I. That Are Better To Discuss

Morální dilemata umělé inteligence

We have entered a time when the development of artificial intelligence is still in its early stages, yet we already see this technology practically in every aspect of our lives. From automobiles and mobile phones to personalized advertisements and the replacement of human labor with machines. As a result, there are quite a few moral … Read more

Chat GPT was able to generate license keys for Windows 10

Chat GPT dokázal generovat licenční klíče k Windows 10

Chat GPT is capable of many things, and it all depends on how skillfully you write your prompt to avoid security blocks. Recently, a user named @immasiddtweets shared on their Twitter a method by which they easily managed to get Chat GPT to generate license keys for Windows 10 PRO. They asked Chat GPT to … Read more

How Can You Create Better Prompts With Chat GPT?

Jak můžete vytvářet lepší prompty s Chat GPT

You primarily control Chat GPT and other text models through prompts. A prompt is a command where you clearly communicate to the artificial intelligence the task you are assigning and the expected output. The prompt is crucial in determining the output you receive. There is already a growing profession focused on providing instructions to AI, … Read more

How can you try out Chat GPT-4 completely for free

Jak si můžete zcela zdarma vyzkoušet chat GPT-4

Artificial intelligence has recently exploded in popularity, and many people would like to experience the potential of this new technology. You now have Chat GPT-3.5 available completely for free. However, the new version, Chat GPT-4, is only accessible for a fee of $20. Nevertheless, there is a way how can you try out Chat GPT-4 … Read more

Chat GPT and Customer Service Automation

Chat GPT a automatizace zákaznického servisu

In today’s business world, it’s crucial for companies to keep their customers satisfied and earn their loyalty. One of the key factors for a successful business strategy is providing high-quality customer service. However, especially for large companies with a significant number of clients, it can be challenging. Especialy in ensuring personal communication between company staff … Read more

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