11 questions about Chat GPT that you need to know

11 otázek ohledně Chat GPT, které Vás budou zajímat

Are you interested in artificial intelligence and its development? Then you’ve likely heard or even used one of the most widely used language models of artificial intelligence, Chat GPT. In this article, we’ll delve into 11 questions about Chat GPT that you need to know. Let’s get into it. We’ll explain what you can use … Read more

The Risks of Text and Image Fusion Using GPT-4V(ision)

Rizika spojení textu a obrazu pomocí GPT-4V(ision)

OpenAI, the organization behind the revolutionary ChatGPT, has taken another significant step in the field of artificial intelligence. This involves the fusion of text and image, which they designed to understand and generate visual content. However, what are the risks of text and image using GPT-4V(ision)? As is common with every technological advancement, this one … Read more

How To Bypass The Security Barriers Of ChatGPT 4

Jak lze odbourat bezpečnostní zábrany Chat GPT 4

Scientists have discovered a new method to circumvent the security measures integrated into ChatGPT 4. With this method, you can potentially obtain questionable advice from this language model. You can find this method under the label “Bypassing Security Restrictions for Resource-Constrained Languages.” Furthermore, according to tests conducted, this method boasts a rather impressive 79% success … Read more

OpenAI has its own search robot called GPTBot

OpenAI má vlastního vyhledávacího robota GPTBot

Just as the internet is crawled by Google, Yahoo, or the Russian Yandex, GPTBot has now become a part of the family of other search robots. The company OpenAI released it on the internet for a simple reason. OpenAI has released it on the internet for a simple reason. It will be indexing web content, … Read more

Is it advisable to trust artificial intelligence from Google?

Je dobré věřit umělé inteligenci od Google?

Google launched its artificial intelligence for users across Europe on July 13th. Prior to that, you had to use a VPN and connect to a server outside of the EU to access Google Bard without revealing your country of origin. Now, you can freely use Google Bard from any country within the EU. But what … Read more

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