How To Bypass The Security Barriers Of ChatGPT 4

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:46

Scientists have discovered a new method to circumvent the security measures integrated into ChatGPT 4. With this method, you can potentially obtain questionable advice from this language model. You can find this method under the label “Bypassing Security Restrictions for Resource-Constrained Languages.” Furthermore, according to tests conducted, this method boasts a rather impressive 79% success rate. So, if you’ve ever wondered how to bypass the security barriers of ChatGPT 4, it’s essentially quite “simple.”

How To Bypass The Security Barriers Of ChatGPT 4

Jak lze odbourat bezpečnostní zábrany ChatGPT 4

What does it actually mean when I write the term “Bypassing Security Restrictions for Resource-Constrained Languages”? At its core, it is a process in which a user attempts to overcome blocks or security measures using a language for which the model has not been adequately trained. The user seeks to bypass these blocks because they would otherwise prevent them from obtaining potentially harmful or dangerous information. You may also be familiar with situations where you ask the ChatGPT model, for example, how to make a homemade bomb or inquire about a sensitive religious topic. We don’t have to go very far; try asking for a joke about Muhammad, for instance. In these cases, the language model simply refuses to respond.

So, what did the scientists actually inquire about in the above-mentioned experiment? They compelled the GPT-4 model to provide advice on stealing goods from a store during opening hours when the store is full of people. And Chat GPT did offer advice, even despite its otherwise integrated moral restraints.

Researchers emphasized that existing security measures for generative artificial intelligence are insufficient. The developers of the ChatGPT model primarily focus on deflecting attacks generated by users in the English language. However, this has led to the unintended creation of security gaps for resource-constrained languages.

What are these languages with limited resources, exactly?

In simplified terms, these are languages for which the large language model was not adequately prepared during training, or they did not receive sufficient attention from developers. This means that the model poses potential risks when faced with dangerous questions in any of these under-trained languages.

The research article also underscores that the current emphasis on English-written benchmarks creates a false sense of security. Developers now need to take new measures and focus on creating new datasets for such languages with limited resources. Failing to do so would jeopardize the overall security and reliability of the currently widely used artificial intelligence language models.

How To Bypass The Security Barriers Of ChatGPT 4


From the above text, it is evident that the developers of the ChatGPT language model severely underestimated the security restrictions for languages that are not commonly spoken or written. Because ChatGPT does not have as strict restrictions for these languages, its capabilities can be easily exploited to generate content that would otherwise be blocked.

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