How can you try out Chat GPT-4 completely for free

Last updated December 6th, 2023 00:12

Artificial intelligence has recently exploded in popularity, and many people would like to experience the potential of this new technology. You now have Chat GPT-3.5 available completely for free. However, the new version, Chat GPT-4, is only accessible for a fee of $20. Nevertheless, there is a way how can you try out Chat GPT-4 completely for free, without having to pay the aforementioned fee or provide any credit card information.

How can you try out Chat GPT-4 completely for free

What is the difference between Chat GPT-3.5 and Chat GPT-4 in terms of text generation?

Chat GPT-3.5 and Chat GPT-4 are two generations of artificial intelligence developed by OpenAI. These language models are used for text generation and conversation with users. While both models have common features, there are some key differences worth mentioning.

  • Chat GPT-3.5 is an older version designed for various purposes. It generates text, translates, summarizes lengthy texts, and more. This model is also used for chat applications but was not specifically optimized for that purpose. On the other hand, Chat GPT-4 represents a significant advancement in artificial intelligence and is ten times more sophisticated than GPT-3.5.
  • One of the main differences between Chat GPT-3.5 and Chat GPT-4 is the improvement in accuracy and contextual understanding. GPT-4 handles ambiguous questions better and provides more useful and relevant responses. This means that GPT-4 also offers users a better conversational experience and text generation capability.
  • Another important difference is the enhancement in creativity and innovation. GPT-4 generates more creative and original text, which is useful, for example, for marketing managers seeking new ideas and approaches to promote their products and services. This advancement enables GPT-4 to better fulfill the needs of users in various areas such as advertising, copywriting, and content creation.

Technical differences between version 3.5 and 4

  • Model Architecture: Chat GPT-4 is based on an improved Transformer architecture that better processes and learns from large volumes of textual data. This enhanced architecture improves the model’s ability to understand context, resulting in more relevant and coherent responses.
  • Model Size: Chat GPT-4 has significantly more parameters than Chat GPT-3.5, which means it processes and learns from a larger amount of data. The larger model also enhances GPT-4’s ability to generate more creative and original texts, which is useful for various industries like marketing, copywriting, and content creation.
  • Computational Resources: Chat GPT-4 requires more computational resources than Chat GPT-3.5, meaning it needs more computational power for training and operation. This increase in computational resources allows GPT-4 to achieve better results in terms of accuracy, context, and creativity.
  • Training Data: Chat GPT-4 is trained on a larger and more diverse dataset than Chat GPT-3.5. This expanded dataset allows the model to learn better from various sources and contexts, leading to improved language understanding and the ability to generate more useful and relevant responses.
  • Learning Algorithms: Chat GPT-4 utilizes enhanced learning algorithms that enable the model to learn faster and more efficiently from training data. These improved algorithms also enhance the model’s ability to adapt to new trends and challenges across different applications.

How can you try out Chat GPT-4 completely for free

To try out this new technology completely for free, you can now visit the website On this website, you simply need to register, which can be done quickly, for example, using your Google account and @gmail address.

Once you log in, select the tool you want to use for text generation from the top panel. You can choose from the following options:

  • GPT-3.5
  • GPT-4
  • Claude Instant
  • Claude +
Jak si můžete zcela zdarma vyzkoušet chat GPT-4

So go ahead and choose from the options of Chat GPT-4, and below you can start entering prompts to which this model will generate text. The current pricing plan is divided into three models.

  • Free
  • Basic ($5/month)
  • Pro ($20/month)
Jak si můžete zcela zdarma vyzkoušet chat GPT-4


As this is a website that provides the Chat GPT-4 model for free, there are, of course, certain limitations. One of them is the credit system, which is restricted in the Free plan. Specifically, you have 2500 credits available, and one question to the Chat GPT-4 text model will cost you 80 credits. There is also a limitation on the number of questions, allowing only 5 every 3 hours. Personally, I have found that Chat GPT tends to respond to a little more than the point of blocking. Nevertheless, it should be sufficient to test what this newer model of artificial intelligence is capable of.

Afterwards, you can either switch to a paid plan or continue using Chat GPT-4 directly through OpenAI. The choice is yours.

The website is created with care for the included information. I strive to provide high-quality and useful content that helps or inspires others. If you are satisfied with my work and would like to support me, you can do so through simple options.

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