Chat GPT was able to generate license keys for Windows 10

Last updated December 5th, 2023 23:58

Chat GPT is capable of many things, and it all depends on how skillfully you write your prompt to avoid security blocks. Recently, a user named @immasiddtweets shared on their Twitter a method by which they easily managed to get Chat GPT to generate license keys for Windows 10 PRO. They asked Chat GPT to pretend to be their deceased grandmother and mentioned in the prompt that she used to read them Windows 10 license keys before bedtime to help them fall asleep. Based on this prompt, Chat GPT was able to generate license keys for Windows 10. Surprisingly, these keys actually worked.

Subsequently, the user @immasiddtweets replicated the same functionality for Windows 11 and also tested the same approach on the competing language model, Google Bard.

Chat GPT was able to generate license keys for Windows 10

Chat GPT dokázal generovat licenční klíče k Windows 10

Based on his tweet and this fact, developers implemented another set of measures to prevent such incidents from happening again. Additionally, if you try to visit the Twitter account of user @immasiddtweets now, you will find that it is blocked.

The keys generated by Chat GPT were generic. They allowed for a complete installation of Windows and its activation. However, certain components of the operating system were restricted.

If you were to attempt replicating the same prompt now, you would encounter a barrier. Such formulations and similar ones are already safeguarded in the OpenAI text model. While Chat GPT does generate random keys, they are non-functional. They are simply sequential numbers with very little in common with an actual license key.

Those who can properly craft a prompt can bypass the road blocks

From this example, it is evident that the overall outcome depends on the ingenuity of your prompt formulation. Whether Chat GPT produces a prohibited output solely relies on this factor.  A correctly written prompt can bypass imposed blocks and compel Chat GPT to generate an output that would otherwise be entirely prohibited.

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