How Easily fix the error of the AIO SEO in the Vue.php

Jak opravit chybu pluginu AIO SEO v souboru Vue.php

About a week ago, I migrated the website from the Yoast SEO plugin to the paid plugin All In One SEO (AIO SEO). After some time working on the website, I noticed a significant increase in the Apache web server’s error log. Unfortunately, AIO SEO kept generating a PHP error that was being logged, causing the log to expand considerably. In this article, we’ll take a look at how easily fix the error of the AIO SEO in the Vue.php file. We’ll examine the error the plugin is generating and also a very simple way … Read more

How to create a mega menu easily with Elementor

Jak snadno vytvoříte mega menu pomocí Elementoru

If you’re dealing with designing your own website, you probably already know that the website menu will be crucial for your visitors. It’s the main guide through which they can navigate the site. The trend in today’s websites is replacing traditional and outdated menus with a new method called a mega menu. As the name suggests, it’s an expanded menu with many additional features. How to create a mega menu easily with Elementor, and what benefits you can gain from this menu, we’ll demonstrate below. How to create a mega menu easily with Elementor If … Read more

How to disable logging into WordPress using email

Jak zakázat přihlášení do WordPressu pomocí e-mailu

The WordPress administration allows users to log in using two options: either by entering the user login or their email. Using either option along with the correct password allows users to log in to the system. As your email is often readily available on the website, you can enhance WordPress security by disabling this login option. Users will then need to log in using only their non-public username. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how to disable logging into WordPress using email. It’s another small piece in improving your website’s security. While it may seem like … Read more

Adjust error messages for logging into the WordPress admin panel

Upravte chybové hlášky u přihlášení do administrace WordPressu

Security is the alpha and omega of your website. There’s certainly nothing pleasant about spending days and hours creating a website, only for someone to attack and damage it. That’s why security in WordPress is an ongoing topic. Today, we’ll show you another way to enhance security further. Adjust error messages for logging into the WordPress admin panel using a simple snippet. I’ll show you how. And why should you actually do it? We’ll discuss that below as well. Adjust error messages for logging into the WordPress admin panel When logging into your WordPress, does … Read more

How To Resolve The 404 Error In WordPress 6.4 With PolyLang

Jak vyřešit chybu 404 u WordPressu 6.4 s PolyLang

Last week, the long-awaited new version of WordPress 6.4 was released. Shortly thereafter, within a 24-hour window, developers released another update in the form of version 6.4.1. WordPress itself encountered significant issues with this update, affecting tools like Oxygen Builder, among others. Many WordPress users, including myself, started experiencing a 404 error on every page and post, rendering the content inaccessible. The common denominator was the PolyLang plugin for multilingual websites. In this article, I will show two options how to resolve the 404 errorin WordPress 6.4 with PolyLang. Sometimes, the first option alone works, … Read more

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