The problem with HTTPS and mixed content

Problém s HTTPS a mixovaným obsahem

HTTPS is a protocol that provides encrypted communication between the server and your browser. Simply put, this means that everything you send to or receive from the server is encrypted. So, if you enter your credit card number in your browser, the data is first encrypted, sent to the server, and then decrypted into readable … Read more

Chat GPT and Customer Service Automation

Chat GPT a automatizace zákaznického servisu

In today’s business world, it’s crucial for companies to keep their customers satisfied and earn their loyalty. One of the key factors for a successful business strategy is providing high-quality customer service. However, especially for large companies with a significant number of clients, it can be challenging. Especialy in ensuring personal communication between company staff … Read more

How can you try Chat GPT 4 on your mobile?

Jak jsem zkusil s ChatGPT napsat povídku

Curious about how the new version of Chat GPT 4 works? Now you have the opportunity to try it out for free. This highly utilized artificial intelligence from OpenAI has been tested by many. While the free version 3.5 is available for everyone, OpenAI and Microsoft recently released a new version, numbered 4. So take … Read more

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