How Can You Create Better Prompts With Chat GPT?

Jak můžete vytvářet lepší prompty s Chat GPT

You primarily control Chat GPT and other text models through prompts. A prompt is a command where you clearly communicate to the artificial intelligence the task you are assigning and the expected output. The prompt is crucial in determining the output you receive. There is already a growing profession focused on providing instructions to AI, … Read more

How To Stay Safe From Online Scams With Stocks?

Jak funguje online podvod s akciemi ČEZ

On social media lately, you may come across fraudulent advertisements offering to buy shares of ČEZ company (or others), and promising significant profits within weeks or months. Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that it is a scam, and unfortunately, quite a few people have fallen victim to this practice. How to stay safe from online scams … Read more

What is SSH or secure computer interconnection

Co je to SSH aneb bezpečné propojení počítačů v IT světě

Do you know what is SSH or secure computer interconnection? It stands for Secure Shell, which is a secure protocol used for communication and connection between computers over the internet. The purpose of SSH is to enable remote access to another computer. This means you can connect to and work with another computer even if … Read more

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