How To Easily Modify The WordPress Admin Footer?

Jak upravit patičku administrace WordPressu?

Have you created a website for someone using the WordPress content management system and would like to place an ‘advertisement’ for your own website or portfolio in the admin footer? It’s one way to discreetly leave your contact information as the website creator. You might have noticed that the admin footer already contains such links. … Read more

Great WordPress Blogs That Will Expand Your Knowledge

Skvělé blogy o WordPressu které rozšíří Vaše znalosti

Are you working with WordPress and seeking inspiration? Or are you just starting out with this content management system and curious about how things are done or set up? If you’ve answered yes to at least one of these questions, you might be looking for a quality source of information as well. Let’s explore 4 … Read more

Amazing Statistics About Blogging That You Probably Didn’t Know

📖 Máte vlastní blog, píšete články a staráte se o svůj web. Pojďte se podívat na zajímavé statistiky o blogování, které jste pravděpodobně neznali.

Do you write your own blog using the WordPress content management system? Then you might be interested in statistics related to this CMS and blogging itself. Let’s take a look at some amazing statistics about blogging that you probably didn’t know. How bloggers operate, the number of WordPress websites in existence, the most popular language … Read more

WordPress Plans For 2024? Exciting List Of New Changes.

Co plánuje WordPress v roce 2024

The end of 2023 is quickly approaching its conclusion, and the beginning of a new year is just around the corner. Joseph Haden, the CEO, recently unveiled WordPress’s plan, revealing to users the itinerary of updates that lie ahead. But what changes does WordPress have in store for 2024? Let’s take a closer look. We’ll … Read more

How To Easily Remove WordPress Categories From The RSS

Potřebujete ve svém RSS feedu zakázat určité kategorie? Podíváme se, jak odstranit určité kategorie WordPressu z RSS feedu. Vše jednoduše pomocí snippetu.

Every website built on the WordPress content management system also has its RSS feed. This allows users to add your site to their RSS readers and stay informed about every new article you publish. It’s definitely a great thing, especially for your regular readers. However, sometimes there are categories that you don’t want to include … Read more

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